Whats Better Limited Company or Umbrella Company?

You might think that Umbrella Companies are always stronger than limited companies but there are some some situations where contractors are better off using a limited company. 

Generally contractors is who are earning a high day rate, say the £300 per day and up, will be better off financially if they use an Limited company. […]

Contractor Payment Vehicles used in the UK

In the UK contractors is mainly use umbrella companies or limited companies as their contractor payment vehicle. The main advantage of both of them is you earn a bigger take-home pay. 
The main differences between the two of them is with limited company you become the director of the company and there is quite a […]

Can you be a director for a Limited Company if you’re not from the UK

Many contractors like to use an Ltd company to manage their finances when they’re contracting but for nonresidents they can be some problems in doing this. Is often quite difficult to setup your PAYE scheme with HMRC and if you are qualified for VAT then you can run into the same problems. Business bank accounts […]

Opening a bank account in the UK

What to expect from Working in the UK Whenever a person moves to new country for work whether it’s on a permanent or contract basis it’s always a good idea to get some background about the working conditions. Now if you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in coming to the UK to work but […]

Benefits of working as a contractor in the UK

If you are thinking about working as a freelance contractor, you have made a great decision. You will be able to enjoy many perks of being self-employed. However, there are certain limitations and you have to know them before you make your decision to work as a contractor. Contractors are different in many ways when […]