Receipt Bank Review – Video Demo

Hi, and welcome to UK Contracting. Now, we’re going to do something a
little bit different today, and this is to follow up from last week’s
interview with Paul Rawlings. He mentioned Receipt Bank. I’ve had a chance
to sign up and had a good look at it, so I just wanted to take you through
some of the features of the software.

Update – 16 November – Frazer Lloyd-Davies from Receipt Bank left a comment asking if anyone has any  questions regarding Receipt Bank to please email him 

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Okay. So I’ve now logged in successfully, and it’s taken you to the
dashboard. Now the whole process behind Receipt Bank is to quickly allow
you to upload your receipts on the move. Then, they store it for
you so you don’t have lots of boxes filled with receipts that you’re
probably never going to need to use again. They take care of it al. If you
need to get hold of them in the future if you’re audited, then it’s a pretty simple
process to get them.

For me, one of the most important aspects is how well the integration with third-party software goes. You are able to use Crunch, Free Agent, FreshBooks,OpenBooks, Cash Flow, Sort My Books, and they also provide us add-on for Sage. So whatever software you use, Receipt Bank looks like it’s got you covered.

Now, as far as pricing goes, you’ve got a number of different plans that
you can use, single user, multi-user, all the accounts and plans. We looked
at single user. It works out very reasonable, at £11 a month, excluding
that. They also do have a good free trial on that.

So, we look in this, so we gather that they collect all your receipts that
they send. You can send them by receipts. You can upload them by FTP, or
email. Or you can do it by the app on your Android or iPhone. Then, what
happens is it goes off to them. They look at it, scan it, put it all in the
right places, and pull out the right information, and then it’s all linked
up. Very, very handy indeed. I’m going to load up my iPhone now, and we’re
going to have a look at the app.

Okay, I’m now in the Receipt Bank app for your iPhone. I’m just going to
add a new receipt, just to kind of show you how really easy this is to use.
So, just click on Add New Item. Select Add Photo, and then up comes the
camera. All you have to do is just make sure it’s in focus, and they can
see all the details. Take photo, and check that everything looks good.
Everything looks good.  then submit that for

Yeah, that’s all good. That was that. It was done. That gets automatically
sent off to the system. It’s all linked in with your account because my
profile is there. That’s it, all done. Now we’ll go back into the website
and actually, I’ll show you where this receipt has now gone. So we’ll see
you in the app in a second.

So, we’re back in the dashboard again of Receipt Bank, and you’ll see down
here that we’ll proceed three. That was two before, and we go over to
unclaimed items. There goes a list of everything that’s had. So we’ve had
one that’s complete, and two that are in processing. So I did one that was
a test earlier on, and then you’ll see, if you remember, these are both
being sent from the app, so they’re being scanned, just waiting to go.

Now, you’ll see in this one it shows incomplete, which I haven’t actually
sent over Xero yet. So this is the receipt from Receipt Bank. So this is
actually processed. It’s already been done. You’ll see we can’t quite
publish it yet because the category is not quite right for it. So if we go
into here, now we can just quite happily pick the category that they need,
and find out what it is from looks. You’ll see that all the information is
pulled from Zero. So it’s always going to be up-to-date.

So that looks good. So, next on that. Publish to accounts payable,
. Let’s make sure that in the right section.
That’s good. Now, we can publish this to Zero, and that’s it. It’s done.
It’s gone. So, now that will be still there if we need to see it, if we
need to do something from it, so we can make a note from there. We just
click on it. There goes the receipt. So, we haven’t got a track of all our
receipts, but it’s just in the cloud. We don’t need to worry about it,
which is a truly great thing.

So, next week, we’ve got a great guest to come and to talk about pensions
and mortgages. So if you have any questions, please let me know in the
comments, and I will make sure that I ask him when we do the interview.
I’ll be good to get any feedback that you have. If you like Receipt Bank,
I’m going to put a link in the description about it, and you can go off and
join. I highly recommend it, because it’s a huge time saver. Yeah. Thanks
very much for watching. All right. Take care. Bye.