Growth of Contractor Rates at 89 Month High as Billings and Vacancies Rise

Contractor rates of pay rose sharply throughout May with pay rate growth at its highest level since December 2013. Simultaneously, contract vacancy numbers grew, as well as the agency billings, as the availability of contractors fell. The statistics were highlighted as part of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) / KPMG Report on Jobs of […]

Contractor Demand Still Not Rising Despite IT Skills Scarcity

A small blip in the growth of demand for IT contractors seems to cast doubt on the recent warnings from recruiters over skills shortages – described recently as ‘stubborn’ in the contracting sector and ‘growing’ within the permanent sector. In actual fact, scarcity still exists in Business Intelligence, SQL & .Net and Development amongst IT […]

A Bumper £23.9 Billion in Revenues for HMRC

Champagne corks are popping over at HMRC after their best ever year netted them a massive £23.9 billion in taxation revenues, thanks to their aggressive new approach to investigations. The figure of £23.9 billion (a combination of collections from regular taxpayers, people trying to avoid tax, and people paying too little) represents a significant rise […]

HMRC increased IR35 investigations threefold throughout 2012 – 2013.

HMRC managed to treble the amount of IR35 investigations in the first half of 2013 and the number is rising still. Contractors who were feeling pressured by the taxman’s obsession with IR35 should not expect any relief for sometime yet. This follows on from last year’s increase of the number of investigations into disguised employment […]