Contractor Demand Still Not Rising Despite IT Skills Scarcity

A small blip in the growth of demand for IT contractors seems to cast doubt on the recent warnings from recruiters over skills shortages – described recently as ‘stubborn’ in the contracting sector and ‘growing’ within the permanent sector. In actual fact, scarcity still exists in Business Intelligence, SQL & .Net and Development amongst IT […]

A Bumper £23.9 Billion in Revenues for HMRC

Champagne corks are popping over at HMRC after their best ever year netted them a massive £23.9 billion in taxation revenues, thanks to their aggressive new approach to investigations. The figure of £23.9 billion (a combination of collections from regular taxpayers, people trying to avoid tax, and people paying too little) represents a significant rise […]

How to Register Your Limited Company

When you start out as a contractor you will effectively be starting your own business, and like every other business you will need to register that business with some part of the government to let them know what you are doing. This will mean contacting either HMRC or Companies House either before or after you […]

Dividends for Contractor Limited Companies

Contractors who are thinking about setting up their own Limited Company should make sure they understand all the ins and outs of how Limited Companies work. One important area to understand when it comes to getting paid and paying tax is the importance of dividends. This article will provide a brief overview of Limited Company […]

Corporation Tax for Contractors

Many contractors who are starting their own businesses for the first time will be surprised by all the new taxes they have to deal with. As a Limited Company (or alternatively as a society, club or association that is classed as an unincorporated) businesses are required to pay something called Corporation Tax. It is important […]

Online Accounting Solutions

It used to be that small business owners who took an interest in their own accounting had the choice of two products when it came to accountancy software – Quick Books or Sage. These days however, as more and more companies manage their businesses through cloud based services, a number of viable alternatives have popped […]

IR35 Insurance

Tax insurance is a relatively new insurance to come on the market and is one that is aimed specifically at contractors and freelancers who are worried they might fall within the IR35 regulations but do not have the time or energy to look at the accounting options to prevent this from happening. Instead they feel […]

Employers Liability Insurance for Contractors

Unlike the other insurances mentioned here, Employers Liability Insurance is not necessarily something every contractor will need. Most contractors work freelance and work alone, so it is unlikely they will be employing many, if any staff. Consequently they would not have any need for Employers Liability Insurance. However, should a contractor find that their contracting […]