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Employers Liability Insurance for Contractors

Posted by John Yerou on in Insurances

Unlike the other insurances mentioned here, Employers Liability Insurance is not necessarily something every contractor will need. Most contractors work freelance and work alone, so it is unlikely they will be employing many, if any staff. Consequently they would not have any need for Employers Liability Insurance.

However, should a contractor find that their contracting work grows and grows and they need to hire other contractors or freelancers for certain jobs – then they will find themselves cast, however briefly, as an employer. In such moments they may want to consider Employer Liability Insurance.Continue reading »Employers Liability Insurance for Contractors

Public Liability Insurance for Contractors

Posted by John Yerou on in Insurances

As with most other businesses, a contractor will invariably deal with the public at some point in their day to day activities. This might be a simple interaction with someone, or it might be someone coming to visit you at your place of business. Either way, if something happens that causes injury or damages to that person at that moment, you and your business could be held liable. If that happens, then it is essential that you have your business covered by public liability insurance because any sort of claim, no matter whether genuine or malicious, could end up costing you a small fortune. Public Liability Insurance is for those moments when accidents happen despite your best intentions and despite all the precautions your business has put in place.Continue reading »Public Liability Insurance for Contractors

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Contractors

Posted by John Yerou on in Insurances

Contractors, like any other business owner, have to cover their backs against legal action taken against them as a result of them performing their professional duties. Professional Indemnity Insurance is therefore one of the most important types of insurance your business (or you as a contractor) can invest in. It is not just important to you – often you will find that either your industry regulator will insist on you signing up to some kind of professional insurance. Similarly you will also find that clients prefer contractors who have professional indemnity insurance as it provides them with one more layer of protection and one more level of confidence in you as a contractor.Continue reading »Professional Indemnity Insurance for Contractors