How to Register with HMRC – Self Employed

Posted by John Yerou on in Contracting

This article is all about working for yourself and how to register with HM Revenue & Customs. I’ll tell you when, how and why you tell HMRC you’ve started working for yourself.

So when do you tell HMRC that you’ve started in business?

The date you start in business will be: the date you actively start to market your business, such as printing business cards or placing an advert in the local press; or the date when you have goods or services to sell and have a customer for them — for example actively buying stock to sell on, or an EBay sale that was a one off which is now becoming more regular. Whichever date is the earliest will determine when you let them know.Continue reading »How to Register with HMRC – Self Employed

Benefits of working as a contractor in the UK

Posted by John Yerou on in Contracting

If you are thinking about working as a freelance contractor, you have made a great decision. You will be able to enjoy many perks of being self-employed. However, there are certain limitations and you have to know them before you make your decision to work as a contractor.

Contractors are different in many ways when compared to employees. They work at their schedule and they can choose their own place of office. Moreover, contractors can work from home without giving up on their productivity. They can change their lifestyle the way they want without worrying about being at office at a certain time. If someone feels great about working during night, it will not be impossible when working as a contractor. Similarly, contractors do not have to bind themselves to any mutual obligation since a contract with a client will never contain mutuality of obligation.Continue reading »Benefits of working as a contractor in the UK

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